Who We Are

Care Service Options, Inc. has served and provided advise and consultation to seniors and their families in the local Tri-county area of Portland, Oregon since 1986.

The graying of America has expanded the need for services for aging citizens. At the same time, the structure of the family has changed. Where there were once multi-generational families living under one roof, there are now smaller units, and rarely one person at home capable of providing care. That means finding new solutions to living challenges. And that’s where Care Service Options, Inc. comes in.

It is our mission to provide the most personalized, professional service, matching our seniors with the facility that best fills their needs. Individual attention to each family with continuing consultation to make sure the placement is going well is an integral part of our service. For us it is more than simply giving you a list of care facilities – rather it is about continuing to make sure the senior is receiving the most appropriate and quality of long-term care possible.

The process begins with your call or e-mail to us, at which point we begin to gather important information regarding not only the senior’s care needs, but their background, their likes and dislikes, the area desired, closeness to family and friends, their financial situation – all in an effort to give us a picture of the whole person and what might be most appropriate for their particular situation. Some of the initial questions we ask can be found on the Care Information Form. Feel free to fill out this form and submit it to us, or call us at 503-246-8604 or 503-663-6556.

Having gathered some initial information we then schedule a time for one of our Senior Care Consultants to meet the senior, along with concerned family members, if requested.  Having assessed the senior’s needs carefully, we then present you with specific options we feel are appropriate for your senior.  We never generalize. You are then encouraged to tour the facilities; follow your gut feelings before making the final choice. If the senior is able to help you in that final choice – that would be ideal.  Once you make the selection and placement, or service has taken place, we will check back within a few days to make sure the transition is going smoothly. We continue to be available to you throughout the process and as long as you find us helpful. At no point is there ever a fee to you or the senior for our services.

Although Care Service Options, Inc. receives a “placement fee” from the facility you select, our role is to always represent you and your family’s needs, not the facility or care provider. Facilities that do not meet our standards, even though they are willing to pay a placement fee, would only result in damaging our long-earned excellent reputation. Therefore, we do not work with all facilities. Our advocacy role continues once you have made a selection.  Care Service Options, Inc. is not affiliated with or has ownership in any Senior Care Facility or In-Home care business.

For free information or assistance, please call today:

503-246-8604 or 503-663-6556