Expecting Quality Service is Your Right


Your expectations should be:


To be able to speak immediately to a knowledgeable Senior Care Consultant – or, if we are all on calls, that your voice-mail be returned within 30 minutes or less on week-days.


The Senior Care advisor is personable, a good listener and able to answer your questions to help you resolve your situation, by beginning the process in an organized manner.


To be asked pertinent questions, such as: age, weight, height, diagnosis, cognitive and behavioral issues, mobility, bathing, dressing, night needs, incontinence and diet. This will        help the Senior Care advisor understand the care needs for the individual senior.


Questions addressing the personality of the senior not just his or her care needs. Each senior deserves continued life enrichment.


Questions about financials, i.e. will the family be able to pay privately & for how long? Or will Medicaid be involved. If Medicaid information is needed the phone # for the appropriate Medicaid office should be available and given to start that process.


Information about the type of appropriate facilities/homes for the specific senior and a discussion about the geographical area best suited for all family involved.


Only after totally understanding your senior’s care needs and circumstances and your situation, will we be able to start the referral/placement process. If possible we will ask to do a personal assessment (with a family member present), or talk to a social worker/nurse, if the individual is in a Hospital or Rehab Facility.


Since through-out the year one employee is dedicated to visit all licensed care facilities through-out the Portland/Tri-County area, we are able to get you out looking within a 24-hour time period.


During our call or e-mail we will inform you about the options available and will point out – both the benefits and draw-backs – depending on the situation, in order for you to make an informed decision for your loved one.  We will be able to give you a ball-park figure of costs.


Then it’s up to you to check out the options we have given you. Only you can determine the best fit for your senior(s). We will not be your escort or tag-along for the very simple reason, that you need to be able to experience these facilities/homes on your own and spent as much time as you wish to check everything out. We gladly wait for your call to answer additional questions you might have.  * If a senior has no family, we have taken a senior around – under special circumstances.

If you need additional facilities/homes we’ll gladly identify some more for you. We will be asking you question such as: what you liked about some, but didn’t like about others, etc., in order to narrow the search down to your specific likes.


After the placement is made, we will wait about 30 to 60 days to do a follow-up with you after visiting the senior in his/her new surroundings. We are a FREE SERVICE for the senior and the family. As you can see there is a huge amount of time and knowledge involved in making an appropriate placement.


How are we funded? We are a private business – not a NON PROFIT. We ask of the facilities and homes we visit, assess and like – for a referral contract. This is an industry wide practice. They let us know about their vacancies – which they hope to fill. We safe them time and money by sending them appropriate clients – whose care needs they can meet and therefore be a good fit into their type of facility.