Throughout these Senior Care & Living Options pages you are given many Choices to find the Best Match for Mom or Dad at NO COST to you.

Care Service Options, Inc. an Oregon company has assisted seniors and their families since 1987 through-out the Portland/Tri-County, exploring all the different senior care facilities and care alternatives, which changed drastically over the last 30 years. Options available now are:

Retirement / Independent
In-Home Care
Assisted Living  
Residential Care
Adult Foster Care Homes
Memory Care
Nursing Homes/Rehabs

We have no affiliation or ownership in any Senior Care Facility or In-home care business. 

Many seniors are able to live in their own homes or apartments most of their lives. When the time comes where this is no longer practical or possible – please give us a call @ 503-663-6556 or fill out our CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION form by clicking here – or the HELP button. We will respond quickly to you.

“AS YOUR FEET ON THE STREET” we have spent many hours on the road researching all the (above) licensed  senior care facilities in the LOCAL Portland/Tri-County area,  including back-ground checks, to give you the best options available.  This very time consuming and labor intensive job saves you time, money and gasoline.

What You Should Be Able to Expect From a Reputable Placement Agency

Many families call in with the question HOW and WHERE do we start?  How do we find excellent quality care? You can reach us at 503-663-6556 (East-side) and 503-246-8604 (West-side), or through e-mail by clicking on our CONFIDENTIAL Information Form. 

If your loved one is in the Hospital and you are told that release is soon, please give us a call immediately at 503-663-6556. Once we have all the information we need from you or the care coordinators,  we can have you and your family out looking within a few hours. We will take into account the uniqueness of each senior, their background, their present care needs, financial situation and location desired.

We will NOT share your phone # or e-mail address with any facility or outsider. We believe your information is confidential and it is your decision when and how you want to give out your contact information to facilities – actually considered.   CSO Disclosure Form 

All care facilities and care providers in Adult Foster Care Homes that we will recommend are carefully screened and monitored by us.  Any new facility, either just built or one that has just changed ownership, we will of course visit to familiarize ourselves with their offerings and staff.  Normally we then wait approximately 6 months before we refer to that facility.  Often times it takes that long to establish some staff stabilization.

We regularly monitor the State of Oregon Complaint Files looking for a pattern of regular or frequent substantiated complaints. If we are not comfortable in putting our name and our over 30 year reputation behind the name of a facility or care provider, then we simply will not recommend that facility.

 Call us today at:

503-246-8604 or 503-663-6556